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Technical Abstracts, Papers and Session Chairmen Requirements

We are requesting papers and abstracts for the 2017 STAIF II Conference which will be held at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on April 19-21, 2017.

STAIF II sits on the boundary between established science and speculative science. The spirit of this conference is rigorous but open-minded. We need speculative science because this is where innovative ideas originate. Speculation must be based upon fundamental scientific principles. However, as serious investigators we are obligated to take the big step into new concepts.

Conference reviewers should adhere to certain guidelines, which we will generate through discussions with one another. It takes a certain open-mindedness to be a reviewer. For example, Bob Forward always said that he was willing to read any paper, no matter how radical, that proposed a new idea.

We need papers that do not violate the fundamental laws of physics, as we currently understand them; or if they do, they must be logically supported. We also need conceptual papers from authors who are able to put their ideas into a logical and mathematical context. In some cases an idea may defy conventional wisdom, but have independent merit.

As serious investigators we are obligated to consider it.

Technical papers must have suitable technical references (not websites) and be presented in a format that is appropriate for a scientific investigation. Technical papers will contain an introduction explaining the reason for the initial investigation, a discussion of the author’s methodology, analysis that fellows scientific principles, followed by results and finally a conclusion. The conclusion should indicate the reason the paper is important.

We are interested in evaluating abstracts that will be from 200 to 250 words long. The abstract must be simply written. It will cover the topic, describe the work to be discussed in the paper, provide meaningful results, and explain why a reader should want to read the paper. . The decision to accept a paper will be based upon the quality of the abstract.

Both abstracts and papers will be peer reviewed. If improvements are needed the author and the session chairman will negotiate changes. If a reviewer must interact with the author more than twice, the paper may be declined.

Once a paper is accepted, the session chairman will review the final version to ensure that the paper follows the abstract and provides sufficient validation for the result. The reason for peer review is that we have a responsibility to improve the author’s capabilities to present difficult technical material. Papers will be required to maintain a very high standard so that they will be stored in a technical archive. Moreover, peer reviewers will provide added value for these papers. Session chairmen will be responsible for assisting the authors to make suitable presentations as well at the technical meeting. The purpose of the process is to assist the next generation of engineers and scientists in producing high-quality papers and improving their presentation skills.

We are interested in finding suitable session chairmen. These individuals will be responsible for judging the abstracts, suggesting changes as needed and supervising peer review to ensure value-added contributions to the papers. An additional review will be conducted at a higher level before papers are accepted, with the objective of meeting archival requirements.


Please note that the AIAA guidelines will be followed for both abstracts and papers with a single column format. No footnotes will be accepted. Material that would ordinarily appear in footnotes may be included in the References. All speakers must have submitted an approved conference paper. Authors will be required to acknowledge that their work contains no classified information or violations of the MCTL/MCTR.

Click here to view examples of previous abstracts that have been submitted for consideration. Make sure you include a completed Copyright Agreement with the papers and abstracts you are submitting for the 2017 STAIF II Conference. Click here to download and print out the Copyright Agreement.

Please send your abstracts to Shelley Thomson and CC all abstracts to the conference chairs listed below. Thank you.

Morgan Boardman |
John Brandenburg |
Paul Czysz |
Franklin Mead Jr. |
George Miley |
Paul A. Murad |
Shelley Thomson |

Conference Registration Payment & Donations

The conference registration price is $300 for all three days**. We are also offering a day rate of $75 per day if you do not wish to attend the entire 3-day conference.

The banquet is $50 per place, priced separately.  The banquet will be held on the evening of Friday, April 21.

There is a 15% early bird registration discount** on the conference, not including the banquet, if you register now.

To obtain the hotel's conference room rate and other perks, please inform the Reservation Clerk at the MCM Elegante Hotel that you are with the 2017 STAIF II Conference, April 19-21, when you make your reservation. For more hotel information, click here now.

Click on the appropriate PayPal button below to complete your registration. You will be redirected to the STAIF II payment gateway. Please note that registration is not complete until your payment is received. Once registered, you will be redirected to the hotel reservations page.

**Hotel room and banquet not included

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